Mike's Tech Notes for 1/19/2012

Today I checked out the following sites and found them useful, so I thought I'd post about them for both my are your reference in the future...

Workflow Services - Visual Design of Workflows with WCF and WF 4
Developers are increasingly adopting service-oriented architecture (SOA) as a way of building distributed applications. For the uninitiated, designing and implementing service-oriented distributed apps can be intimidating. However, the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 makes it easier than ever to implement Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).
workflow services visual design workflows wcf wf 4developers increasingly adopting service oriented architecture soa way building distributed applications uninitiated designing implementing apps intimidating microsoft net framework makes easier implement windows communication foundation provide productive environment authoring long running durable operations enforcing application protocol via ordering important implemented activities make use sending receiving data article explain combine several features introduced model instrumented mortgage approval process real estate company without having write code intended general introduction walk through entire creating working solution instead i’m going focus new practical business scenario full included download scenariolet’s start outlining around built contoso housing sells houses condos better customer end buying experience partners three companies assist potential customers needs each offers different interest rates prioritizes vendors ensure best deal assumption rate house more sell request web enters id price amount down payment loan period years salary information background verification first step see figure uses entered screen determine eligibility prior processthe follows rules applicant foreclosure bankruptcy lawsuit petition rejected credit history provides less 20 percent returned revision incorrect continue none above apply approved contacted according contoso’s preferred order vendor rejects next one asked there’s standard contract requests during stage query state once resolved accepted interaction recorded relationship management crm exposed result note shown description indication implementation declarative servicethe receive initial screening coordinate conversation register expose take days months complete save resume later both developers users know what’s debug achieve declaratively writing code†assemble configure components provided shows architectural diagram solutiona contained xamlx file defines define processes visually designer inferred based structure create studio 2010 project select template creates very simple sendreply similar class method receives integer returns extend adding add execution logic messaging configuration stored config regular open you’ll clean advantage improvements seamless they’re designed support message integration enable send out systems sendandreceivereply receivereply receiveandsendreply include correlation initializecorrelation correlationscope transactions transactedreceivescope allow modeling interactions within defined configuring operation activity sends target utilize even interact protocols configured parameter rpc approach actual controls wire sent received describing flowchartsyou sequence quick look point requires looping back previous that’s directly supported sequential require loop manually constructs such carefully modeled condition flowchart fit control flow lets describe much whiteboard describes nature single path under certain circumstances arrows boxes popular many disciplines default created mean it’s composite root simply delete easily diagrams typically draft flowchartflowchart great tool minimizing mismatch between executable specified case definition documentation let’s slow bit we’ve jumped empty time go home buyer introduces passed including workflowservicehost exposes endpoint allows communicate messages mentioned earlier means set input arguments call available need variables bind parameters another possible datacontract collapses fields parametersif want instance upon cancreateinstance property true compositiononce verifying conditions whether eligible before contacting decision shapes flowdecision works overall hard read furthermore modifications updating seems good expressing keep lean inside existing strong composition core freely composed wherever moreover arbitrary doesn’t impose limits convenience child displayed collapsed parent expand place click access flowchartwhat certainly example author codeactivity performs chained statements language choice pro cons potentially performance verifications executed pulse compact representation hand lose 
process opacity changing modifying recompiling results customerwhen return beginning reply right clicking selecting combination response exchange pattern pair duplex patterns “request wait response” callback suited invocation deciding nextwhen two branches reject drawing line action proceed decide taken flowswitch switch statement outbound arrow represents switchcorrelationwhen deemed asks additional correction words answer actually things grouping together classic sessions â a mapping piece types content takes incoming maps used multiple methods accessed client exchanged identifies desired up declare variable type correlationhandle handle store customercorrelationhandle companion activity’s grid correlations section properties correlateswith specifying correlate correlateson initializing handler correlationinitializers customercode field confusing here’s rule help identification extracts queries authored xpath don’t inspecting won’t looks key asking ratesif passes aluation remember doing therefore until approves requesting difference uri complicated fact involves waiting asynchronously simultaneously responding status copy times lots unnecessary duplication thus serious maintainability issue abstract same ideally done exactly custom approaches composing imperative base classes capabilities derived behavior asynccodeactivity work nativeactivity runtime public signatures terms inargument outargument item dragging dropping setting xaml called askvendor output waits minutes hours arrive responds actions parallel branch communicating listen vendor’s activityas left formats resulting sets completed flag listens completion completes signaled automatically toolbox drag drop haven’t assigned rectangle displayname displays applies compose invoking servicecontoso’s functionality registering invoke imply importing contracts import execute reference given proxy “add reference” servicecommunicating resultfinally app reads surface preconfigured saw added drill workonce sitting idle come weeks poses interesting challenges probably instances memory consume resources wouldn’t scale host crashes apocalyptic shut maintenance unfinished lost storage remove can†persistence saving medium retrieved tied machine occur third†affecting instance’s achieves improving scalability providing resilience†crash produce loss active resumed last persisted saved includes sql server extensible purchaseprocess sample sdk text persist news lt gt sqlworkflowinstancestore connectionstring source sqlexpress catalog instancestore integrated security asynchronous processing timetounload force unloaded delay workflowidle configures second instructs unload soon become database persistent responsible loading correct arrives â suppose 43 ask loads dispatches installed explicitly install scripts tracking serviceso communicates fashion pretty complex something goes wrong tell failed debugging breakpoints option production environments rich infrastructure tells happen events participant saves profiles filtering event log etwtrackingparticipant participants extending trackingparticipant proper etw etwtracking profilename healthmonitoring profile assess health now monitor fix problems appear supplies samples show troubleshooting monitoring level records fault propagation trackingprofile name activitydefinitionid workflowinstancequeries workflowinstancequery states started aborted unhandledexception faultpropagationqueries faultpropagationquery faultsourceactivityname faulthandleractivityname deploying consuming i’ve remaining task run developing hosting slightly iis azure extensions package imported dashboard summarized final wanted interface asp you’ve seen here plain proxies 10 serviceprotected onsubmit object sender eventargs contosorealestate contosorealestateclient evaluatemortgage txtid convert toint32 txthouseprice txtdownpayment txtyears txtsalary chkcredithistory checked chkbankrupcy chklawsuit chkforeclosure lblmessage cssclass btnsubmit visible equals btnmonitor closing notesas feature build world solutions assembling extensibility points tailor specific accommodate wide variety scenarios service†though necessary combined coordinates conversations artifact lot technologies leon welickiâ is program manager team focusing joining worked lead architect dev large spanish telecom external associate professor graduate computer science faculty pontifical university salamanca madrid thanks following technical experts reviewing â dave cliffe vikram desai kavita kamani bob schmidt

Rendering with XNA Framework 4.0 inside of a WPF application - Nick Gravelyn's Blog - Site Home
First some prefaces:
rendering xna framework inside wpf application nick gravelyn's blog site homefirst prefaces isn’t official solution embedding graphics simply personal attempt making happen code here optimized certainly gets job done alright yesterday decided wanted start building tools games nothing particular time knew use hidef now supported game studio beta go ahead visual 2010 net hard part came make play nice together searching interwebs found few ways people accomplished regular winform approach windowsformshost works thought bit ugly render frameless window over panels content quite you’re essentially going running per view hiding fact it’s separate user very d3dimage class display seems ideal directly expose native idirect3d9surface pointer way work bunch reflection hackery first idea looking wasn’t think create imagesource such image heading down msdn documentation road trying implement myself quickly near impossible decipher exactly queried pixel data wouldn’t even i’d stick existing writeablebitmap precise made wrap up rendertarget2d along handle transferring one lt summary gt wrapper handles taking moving consumed control public xnaimagesource idisposable target draw private rendertarget copy pixels buffer array byte used source return underlying bound creates new param name graphicsdevice width height hold false surfaceformat color depthformat depth24stencil8 96 pixelformats bgra32 null dispose true protected virtual bool disposing gc suppressfinalize commits bitmap commit getdata 32 bgra rgba swap bytes each length write lock marshal backbuffer adddirtyrect int32rect unlock place mechanism next set out custom xnacontrol add xaml minimal given wraps usercontrol myapp xmlns http schemas microsoft com winfx 2006 presentation minheight 50 minwidth background cornflowerblue rootimage special minimum size 50x50 seemed good course see more easily design basic hooked wrote codebehind primary responsibility setting managing during needed borrow graphicsdeviceservice cs winforms sample modify liking namely doesn’t matter remove parameters methods update apis eventually ended helper responsible creating graphicsdevicecontrol instances share same though many controls single implements standard igraphicsdeviceservice interface provides notification events device reset disposed singleton service instance static singletoninstance keep track sharing referencecount store current settings presentationparameters event eventhandler eventargs devicecreated devicedisposing devicereset deviceresetting constructor client addref method instead createdevice intptr windowhandle we're targets anyway somewhat irrelevant backbufferwidth 480 backbufferheight 320 backbufferformat devicewindowhandle depthstencilformat isfullscreen graphicsadapter defaultadapter graphicsprofile empty reference increment count interlocked ref releases release decrement last finish you’ve seen version you’ll fairly similar things removed moved creation property useful external classes hook others load manage we’re partial graphicsservice behind invoked needs redrawn action drawfunction initializecomponent fire finished loading loaded routedeventhandler xnacontrol_loaded finalizer clean object sender routedeventargs mode initialize designerproperties getisindesignmode initializegraphicsdevice override onrendersizechanged sizechangedinfo sizeinfo recreate amp actualwidth actualheight base presentationsource fromvisual hwndsource compositiontarget compositiontarget_rendering draws allows subclasses default behavior delegating invoke delegate someone something pretty setrendertarget allow unset changes again crazy read comments two notes performance anytime resized need fix point worried cost recreating everytime wpf’s fires 60fps overkill scenarios care drawing changed worth investigating both flag actually clear run drawn whatever cleared window’s spritebatch texture2d fromstream having great step forward want started working upgrading correct msbuild lot valid considered deprecated errorlogger servicecontainer fine contentbuilder attention xnaversion constant key token added rest pipeline assemblies importers processors const publickeytoken 6d5c3888ef60e27d readonly pipelineassemblies audioimporters effectimporter fbximporter textureimporter videoimporters ximporter statements build ones already aren’t replace withusing evaluation head fields find buildengine projectcollection project still type different namespace objects dynamically msbuildproject those createbuildproject fills information compare adjustment fit everything temporary memory projectpath path combine builddirectory contentproj outputpath bin collection error logger registerlogger fullpath properties setproperty xnaplatform windows xnaframeworkversion v4 xnaprofile configuration register pipelineassembly additem include file defines xml addimport msbuildextensionspath gamestudio contentpipeline adds piece really we’ve restructured around importer processor optional leave autodetected based extension passed through without processing filename metadata item var sortedlist link getfilename isnullorempty compile lastly liner exist anymore linq items removeitems removes files select compiled compileobjects itemtype updated ready contentmanager i’ll look pasting hopefully helps apps leveraging technologies


WPF Hosting for XNA Game Studio 4.0 - Nick Gravelyn's Blog - Site Home
A while back I wrote up a method for rendering XNA Game Studio 4.0 content inside of a WPF window. My method involved using a render target and doing a CPU transfer of those bits into a WriteableBitmap. This method had some pros and cons:
wpf hosting xna game studio nick gravelyn's blog site homea back wrote up method rendering content inside window involved render target doing cpu transfer those bits writeablebitmap pros cons extremely simple concept actual implementation enabled high level composition native elements allowed app leverage input events efficient process given full swap pixels each frame moved pixel shader prior getting data reduce good bit work you're still moving lot gpu limits targets without more plumbing switching away prevents making screen acceptable people built real time editing tool worked great needs asked ways integration provide performance don't require went drawing board talking coworker taking core idea running come new solution wpf's hwndhost base type create control subclasses child framework graphics leveraged graphicsdeviceservice winforms sample modifications handle graphicsdevice management used compositiontarget event drive draw loop concepts graphicsdevicecontrol controls present correct thus enabling apps multiple same sharing set trade offs essentially we're flipping pro con list above requires copies directly want means even large windows presenting longer use allows itself purpose due nature composite top exception being such menus dialogs really mouse directed window's wndproc handling causes duplication implement enough useful things didn't tackle few calls quite complex previous usage relatively straight forward comes down two solutions both different therefore recommend look see meet very add xaml layout loadcontent fire created renderxna fires additionally number hwnd various aspects couldn't route through normal uielement methods capture release makes cursor invisible forces position reset tools rotate object worry leaving view application shows actions graphicsdevicecontrols draws constantly spinning cube whose color based sliders left panel bottom one three colors changed buttons next 'r' 'g' 'b' keyboard keys hotkeys right button drag capturing hopefully proves feel free leave questions comments below make point clear pretty much support simply encourage everyone play run issues please start checking out msdn documentation ask hub forums community solve issue disclaimer code written colleague myself official mixing risk guarantees quality usability guarantee users downloadable licensed under microsoft public license terms found here http www com opensource licenses mspx ms pl

Integrating XNA 4.0 and WPF
Download the code for this example
integrating xna wpf download code example here disclaimerintegration recurring topic interest developers working windows applications support 3d visualization microsoft repeatedly made clear two technologies playing together supported additionally remains 32 bit limits number commercial use managed graphics api before consider solution hosts production obligated point excellent wrapper d3d slimdx open source course free backgroundmicrosoft supports displaying images via d3dimage class winforms guru shawn hargreaves covered blog being case need ui around game ways violently hacking way success many people approaching problem different such one mentioned nick gravelyn's attempts wrap existing making few changes possible without addition separate thread loop arrived assistance several blogs forum postings began simple uses contentmanager import model public vector3 property used scale added drawablegamecomponent track framerate creating graphicsdevice initializing gamein application created user control called gamepanel xaml contains little more image d3dimage registers dependency bind loaded bound passed gamereflector class encapsulate nastier reflection details reflector to see methods run creategame attempt equivalent functionality window display first graphicsdevicemanager retrieved object calling non method changedevice raises preparingdevicesettings event allows specify hwnd parameter creation game's next call initialize calls loadcontent static visual var devicemanager getgraphicsdevicemanager sender gt resizable rendertarget2d drawing buffer whatever size needs graphicsdeviceinformation presentationparameters backbufferwidth 4096 backbufferheight create standard back dimensions 800 480 endif rendertargetusage preservecontents isfullscreen false devicewindowhandle presentationsource fromvisual hwndsource handle creates performs initializations gettype getmethod bindingflags nonpublic instance invoke new true private field getfields fieldtype typeof return getvalue throw invalidoperationexception an idirect3dsurface9 i wanted normal therefore versions preprocessor directive defining change surface draw having recreate listen resize each time changing render target always desirable removing definition graphicsdevice's instead getting nothing means resolution drawn fixed once lead stretching aliasing show takes idirect3dsurface9 obtained depending whether both contain pointers underlying objects com inherit iunknown pointer idirect3ddevice9 idirect3dtexture9 i'm interested interfaces ones obtain the idirect3dsurface9 device texture mip level guids d3d9 define interface placeholders vtable rest intptr getrendertargetsurface rendertarget surfacepointer getiunknownobject lt marshal throwexceptionforhr getsurfacelevel out releasecomobject getgraphicsdevicesurface getbackbuffer container unsafe defined below devicefield getfield pcomptr devicepointer unbox getobjectforiunknown comimport guid 85c31227 3de5 4f00 9b3a f11ac38c18b5 interfacetype cominterfacetype interfaceisiunknown getdevice setprivatedata getprivatedata freeprivatedata setpriority getpriority preload setlod getlod getlevelcount setautogenfiltertype getautogenfiltertype generatemipsublevels getleveldesc uint d0223b96 bf7a 43fd 92bd a43b0d82b9eb testcooperativelevel getavailabletexturemem evictmanagedresources getdirect3d getdevicecaps getdisplaymode getcreationparameters setcursorproperties setcursorposition showcursor createadditionalswapchain getswapchain getnumberofswapchains reset present swapchain backbuffer type backbufferpointer lock set register compositiontarget rendering loads tick raised handles update components putting mvvmi gameviewmodel teapotgame scale properties iteapotservice services getservice value gameview binds text box dockpanel stackpanel dock left textbox binding local contextmenu menuitem click don't second validate right clicking shows showing successfully circumvents airspace issues final note want front end yourself callback

SlimDX Homepage
SlimDX is a free open source framework that enables developers to easily build DirectX applications using .NET technologies such as C#, VB.NET, and IronPython. It is designed to be an efficient, simple, and lean wrapper that fully encompasses all of Microsoft's gaming and multimedia technologies and exposes them to managed code. All of the code is under the MIT/X11 license, and all content is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Our latest release is March 2011, and can be found for users and developers on the Download page.
slimdx homepageslimdx free open source framework enables developers easily build directx applications net technologies such vb ironpython designed efficient simple lean wrapper fully encompasses microsoft's gaming multimedia exposes managed code under mit x11 license content creative commons attribution share alike latest release march 2011 found users download page development based google homepage use site report bugs issues well complete copy questions ask otherwise wish discuss forum gamedev active forums mailing lists please prefix thread subject question reasonably specific isn't feel include exclude try hold irc graphicsdev channel afternet consulting servicesslimdx now up running help expertise both native means getting things done fraction time cost house solution leaves focus application instead fighting unfamiliar libraries obscure already powers wide range big budget games large scale weather services television deserve same level polish projects visit more information highly polished featured around microsoft apis several choices game follow link below features list notable comparison charts comparing players scene past present xna mdx opentk windows api pack read

Hi all, thank you very much for your interest in AvalonDock, thanks again for all of you that are integrating AvalonDock in great projects. It's a long time since I started this project and during these years I worked to a lot of application for my work and I had really few time to follow up AvalonDock discussions and issue reports and for this I apologize with you.
avalondock hi thank very much interest thanks again integrating great projects long time started project during years worked lot application work really few follow up discussions issue reports apologize wish inform i'm working new current version already extisting maybe interested next week going publish first early features bug fixes old annoying issues here find key concepts descriptionavalondock wpf controls library used create docking layout present visualstudio supports fly out panes floating windows multiple manager same window styles themes host winforms successor 'wpf library' published codeproject quite ago http www com kb wpfdockinglib aspx featurescompletely written xamlalmost everything restyledsupport forms controlsknown issuesdue design decisions support use restricted environment xbap resourcesscreenshots

Arcane World editor now available in the Marketplace | wpcentral
arcane world editor now available marketplace wpcentralremember super awesome game arcane's tower defense came out few weeks ago opinion one unique creative games well good new fans free level program basically allows create share 3d maps pretty nifty extended play grab here zune link first update atd coming days feature survival multi language support fr de sound option crashes fix campaign difficulty more those doesn't jump break see saijo george bestwp7 give quick tour looks intense

Integrating Unity 3D in other non-visual environments like XNA to create 2d or 3d games
This video tutorial explains how to export a game scene from Unity and import it from the Microsoft XNA using the source code in my code plex project.
integrating unity 3d non visual environments xna create 2d gamesthis video tutorial explains export game scene import microsoft source code plex project download package here http integratingunity3d codeplex com you're going use something please tell enjoy lucianojosebrmy blog lucjose wordpress

Use the Scene Editor of Unity 3D in other non-visual environment to create games
Use the Scene Editor of Unity 3D in other non-visual environments to create 2d or 3d games.
use scene editor unity 3d non visual environment create games environments 2d written article blog project help understand here exporter xml informations objects mono importer microsoft xna reusing same code 99 used video tutorial part explains export game import source plex want custom solution based company contact feel free whatever people intend expand creating new better versions you're going something please tell enjoy lucianojosebrmy lucjose wordpress com

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