Mike's Tech Notes for 2/13/2012

Today I checked out the following sites and found them useful, so I thought I'd post about them for both my are your reference in the future...

Generating a sphere-mesh in XAML
generating sphere mesh xamla few days ago thought funny play around wpf's new 3d capabilities looked 2d graphics animations xaml course starting point msdn find quite good introduction another article codeproject gives start go basics cameras meshes lights etc surprised read wpf currently support predefined primitives spheres cubic forms meshgeometry3d class allows build geometry list triangles therefore decided first mini project algorithm generates represents unfortunately specialist writing code implement simple open source modeler blender uvsphere wiki grundkã¶rper see picture above split segments rings result squares easily two top bottom blender's icosphere ikosaeder german more details even suitable round generated splitting circle write abstract base used disc space windows media media3d namespace sphere3d abstractclass roundmesh3d protectedint 10 20 protected point3dcollection points int32collection triangleindices publicvirtualint radius return set value calculategeometry separators public protectedabstractvoid stands number equally distribute test implementation here very complex trigonometric functions diagnostics discgeometry3d protectedoverridevoid numberofseparators add point3d divider lt alpha math pi cos sin little bit longer distributing part found harder generate correctly spheregeometry3d segmentrad r_e y_e z_s x_s sample wanted display nice background image create descendent classes bigplanet 30 smallplanet finally xaml's data binding mechanisms bind properties positions algorithms shown windowx window1 xmlns http schemas microsoft com winfx 2006 presentation local clr title labyrinth3d height 600 width gt window imagebrushstretch uniformtofill imagesource images pleiades jpg gridverticalalignment stretch horizontalalignment name grid1 grid resources bigplanetx key spheregeometrysource1 smallplanetx spheregeometrysource2 meshgeometry3dx spheregeometry1 staticresource path spheregeometry2 columndefinitions columndefinitionwidth rowdefinitions rowdefinitionheight viewport3dgrid column row verticalalignment viewport1 viewport3d camera perspectivecamerax mycamera position 100 lookdirection 50 33 updirection fieldofview 90 modelvisual3d content model3dgroup directionallightcolor ffffff direction geometrymodel3dgeometry geometrymodel3d material materialgroup diffusematerial brush solidcolorbrushcolor orange yellow transform translatetransform3dx sphere2translation offsetz helpful happy vote questions feel free send email

Helix 3D Toolkit
Helix 3D Toolkit is a collection of custom controls and helper classes for WPF 3D. The toolkit contains controls that makes it easy to control the camera, import models (3ds,lwo,obj) and export models from WPF. A large selection of examples is included.
helix 3d toolkitproject descriptionhelix toolkit collection custom controls helper classes wpf contains makes easy control camera import models 3ds lwo obj export large selection examples included nuget packagehttp org list packages helixtoolkit updated code check featurescamera manipulation turntable rotationtrackball rotationzoom extentszoom rectanglechange field viewzoom rotate around mouse down pointsupport orthographic perspective camerascontrols helixviewport3d lights viewport3dstereoview3d cross parallel stereo viewinganaglyphview3d anaglyph viewing requires red cyan glasses viewcube rotates view align selected faces cube input support connexion spacenavigatorexport kerkythea render enginewavefront files x3d finished collada vrml97 pov ray studio lightwave wavefront stereolithography stl meshbuilder generates meshgeometry3d extruderevolveloftboxesrectangular meshestubescone cylindersubdivision surfaces loop visual3d objects arrowboxcuberectanglelines screen space thickness points size gridlinespieslicespheretruncatedconetubepipecoordinatesystemlightpanoramacubeterraintextbillboardtext billboardcutting planeseffects roadmap coming soonexamplesother open source librariessilverlight librariescommercial librariesother links

Mesh Morphing in WPF - Pixel-in-Gene
Morphing of 3D meshes can be very cool to play with. I am sure many of you must have seen this in action in movies / tv or even CAD like programs. Its a technique where a set of vertices that describe a 3D mesh change their positions over a period of time into a new surface. In the figure below you can see a Plane mesh morphing into a Sphere. The interesting thing to note here is that only the vertices are changing their positions while keeping the TriangleIndices and TextureCoordinates the same. In some cases you may also want to change the Normals if you have specific lighting requirements. Otherwise you are in good shape just manipulating mesh positions.
mesh morphing wpf pixel genemorphing 3d meshes very cool play sure many seen action movies tv even cad programs technique set vertices describe change positions over period time new surface figure below see plane sphere interesting thing note here changing keeping triangleindices texturecoordinates same cases want normals specific lighting requirements otherwise good shape manipulating reason ventured email conversation jeremiah morrill thanks jer now quick video examples between cone cylinder custom animation class called meshmorphanimation

The PCD (Point Cloud Data) file format
This document describes the PCD (Point Cloud Data) file format, and the way it is used inside Point Cloud Library (PCL).
pcd point cloud data file formatthis document describes way used inside library pcl meant reinvent wheel complement existing formats one reason another support extensions brings processing first type 3d computer graphics computational geometry communities particular created numerous describe arbitrary polygons clouds acquired laser scanners include ply polygon developed stanford university turk et alstl native stereolithography cad software systemsobj definition wavefront technologiesx3d iso standard xml based representing dataand many othersall above suffer several shortcomings explained next sections natural different purpose times before today’s sensing technologies algorithms invented revision numbers prior release version numbered pcd_vx pcd_v5 pcd_v6 pcd_v7 etc represent official entry uses two modes storing ascii form each new line notestarting representation nan binary complete memory copy pointcloud points array vector linux systems use mmap munmap operations fastest possible read write access both simple space tab separated without characters well dump allows best worlds simplicity speed depending underlying application users open up files plot tools gnuplot manipulate sed awk having seen suffering here syndrome reality case none mentioned offers flexibility clearly stated advantages ability store process organized datasets extreme importance real time applications research areas such augmented robotics types loading saving disk primitives supported char short float flexible efficient respect storage invalid dimensions usually stored histograms feature descriptors very important perception vision applicationsan additional advantage controlling adapt thus obtain highest performance adapting inducing delays through conversion functions notethough pcl_io offer possibility save load aforementioned snippet attached below left reader interpret see means fun fields rgb size count width 213 height viewpoint 93773 33763 2108e 06 90805 35641 81915 32 97192 278 944 29474 98111 24247 93655 26143 91631 27442 81921 29315 90701 24109 83239 23398 99185 2116 89264 21174 85082 21212 81044 32222 74459 32192 69927 32278 8102 75504 29765 24399 74995 24723 68049 29768 66509 29002 69441 2526 62807 22187 58706 32199 52125 31955 49351 32282 44313 32169 58678 2929 53436 29164 59308 24134 5357 2444 50043 31235 44107 29711 50727 22193 43957 23976 8105 21112 73555 2114 69907 21082 63327 21154 59165 21201 52477 21491 49375 21006 4384 19632 43425 16052 3787 32173 33444 3216 23815 808e 3788 33058 31073 30249 29189 23492 29446 29465 23514 24172 18836 32277 15992 32176 08642 32181 039994 32283 20039 31211 1417 29506 20921 22332 13884 24227 085123 29441 048446 31279 086957 21189 19323 23755 19348 29463 16054 23776 19016 21038 15704 21245 08678 21169 012746 32168 075715 32095 10622 32304 16391 32118 00088411 29487 057568 29457 0034333 055185 24185 10983 31352 15082 29453 11534 22049 15155 24381 1912 281 3185 30791 32307 33854 32148 21248 29805 26372 29905 22562 25035 2371 29941 31191 35845 2954 29231 22236 36101 0034393 21129 07306 21304 10579 2099 13642 21411 24439 19799 22591 16041 23466 16082 3077 20998 3413 21239 40551 32178 50568 3218 41732 30844 44237 28859 41591 22004 44803 24236 50623 50916 24296 57019 22334 59611 65104 72566 32129 75538 32301 59653 65063 59478 24245 70618 29525 76203 31284 70302 24183 77062 22133 41545 21099 45004 19812 4475 1673 52031 21236 55182 21045 5965 21131 65064 2113 72216 21286 7556 20987 78343 31973 87572 32111 90519 32263 95526 34127 79774 29271 85618 29497 79975 24326 8521 24246 91157 31224 95031 29572 92223 2213 94979 24354 78641 21505 87094 21237 90637 20934 93777 21481 22244 0296 2704 078167 24416 056883 27311 10653 26172 1349 24428 15599 19017 025297 14248 02428 19815 037432 03515 093313 044144 21156 17357 029114 12594 036583 15619 22446 20514 2208 2369 2129 208 19316 25672 14497 27484 030167 18748 1021 27453 1689 2831 13875 28647 086993 29568 044924 3154 0066125 057362 15266 025282 16036 037257 0083286 1259 0007442 15603 1741 17381 18502 02954 20707 056403 23348 07764 2244 23604 10652 20734 15641 13542 0061083 18729 066235 27472 17577 20789 10861 27494 15584 25716 0075775 31546 050817 29595 10306 28653 1319 18716 20571 18369 23729



tobin / Kinect Point Cloud Demo / overview — Bitbucket
This demo will allow you use depth image on the screen to output a .ply file that works with Meshlab. All the work is already done to transfer co-ordinates into real world height, width and depth. Will output Point Clouds and Delaunay Triangle Meshs. Work done by: Andrew Tobin (@tobin) - http://bitbucket.org/tobin Lewis Benge (@LewisBenge) - http://bitbucket.org/lewisbenge
tobin kinect point cloud demo overview bitbucketthis allow use depth image screen output ply file works meshlab work already done transfer co ordinates real world height width clouds delaunay triangle meshs andrew http bitbucket org lewis benge lewisbenge lewisbengeclone repository size 160 kb https sshhg clone demohg ssh hg

Drawing a Cube in WPF « Sean’s Stuff
It’s time to draw a simple 3D object using WPF.  As a quick introduction to 3D graphics in WPF, let’s just render one of the simplest possible objects—a cube.
drawing cube wpf sean’s stuffit’s time draw simple 3d object quick introduction graphics let’s render one simplest possible objects†example i’ll define everything need directly xaml code defining bit cleaner makes hierarchy more obvious real world project you’d obviously creation loading mesh want display start final here full contents window1 file lt window class simplecube xmlns http schemas microsoft com winfx 2006 presentation title height 398 width 608 grid gt viewport3d name viewport3d1 camera perspectivecamera cammain position lookdirection modelvisual3d content directionallight dirlightmain direction geometrymodel3d geometry meshgeometry3d meshmain positions 0â 1â triangleindices 3â 7â 5â 4â material diffusematerial matdiffusemain brush solidcolorbrush color red basic idea contains required simplified structure showing child objects modelvisual3dâ â defines lighting here’s each responsible †place stuffmodelvisual3d contained viewport light geometrydirectionallight shining particular directiongeometrymodel3d geometrical objectmeshgeometry3d set triangles objectdiffusematerial used brushperhaps interesting classes “mesh” basically consists series typically connected form specifying points collection represent vertexes defined property stored terms indexes seems odd first consisting three separate referencing answer scheme allows reusing single point multiple case eight image below shows numbered matching order add back left corner located 12 make up surface cube†two per face triangle listing it’s important pay attention list dictates vector normal indicates side see rule counter clockwise look visible addition painting scene looks put towards origin finally source directionallight†casts result advertisementlike post

the Continuous Client -- Engadget
There is a missing link in our computing experience that has recently been made painfully clear thanks to the current onslaught of highly advanced mobile devices, and I believe the solution to this problem is simple. Allow me to set the stage. Just now, I was reading one of my favorite blogs on my laptop, but I wanted to relocate to my couch, and I wanted to switch to reading on my iPad. Of course, this required starting a new browser session, calling up the web page, and finding my place once again. This same situation now occurs constantly with Twitter (where I'll have to read and re-read timelines depending on whether I'm checking on my phone, laptop, or iPad), Facebook (a mess similar to that of Twitter), and even in my IM sessions (different locations, different conversations, different logs). There is no continuity in my call logs, text messages, or notes when seated with my laptop or desktop, and there is no way in which to continue working on something in an application on two platforms without tremendous effort. Frankly, it's a mess.
continuous client engadget missing link computing experience recently made painfully clear thanks current onslaught highly advanced mobile devices believe solution problem simple allow set stage now reading one favorite blogs laptop wanted relocate couch switch ipad course required starting new browser session calling up web page finding place once again same situation occurs constantly twitter read re timelines depending whether i'm checking phone facebook mess similar even im sessions different locations conversations logs continuity call text messages notes seated desktop way continue working something application two platforms without tremendous effort frankly referring ask well premise leave device pick exactly next use meaning browsing applications windows given availability such thing corresponding platform appear previous describe above obviated setup allowing move seamless manner disrupt activity currently engaged seems particularly suited transfers rich enough both pc hello chrome os very carried out through desktops laptops tablets phones put simply placeshifting break work potentially three things first operating second available multiple oss third service entire obviously more difficult whip standalone easier develop quickly hand real short long term regardless existence ported evolved many solutions heavily rely cloud google good creating within docs suite gmail started ended places keeping stationary unfortunately can't location aware tell document you're leaving moving another environment essentially eject button queue app jump held naturally prompted whenever opened switched grab look potential largely though limitations deep go needs stressed having data isn't much issue right shift active reloading pages clients essence push someone opportunity android ideal execution concept layer take advantage each component element doesn't necessarily built raw materials they're pulling down content sources begin need receive signal transmitted last bounce start think ultra productive mutant child technology open standards developers makers ready know find


Apple applies for patent to resume media playback on another device -- Engadget
Remember that "
apple applies patent resume media playback another device engadget remember continuous client piece burning up pages alt day well one sliver fulfilled real plans implementing concept they're process patenting idea basically uses cloud syncing user pause song video same spot perfect apple's little phone pc tv ecosystem exactly earth shattering probably half complicated diagram makes out certainly convenient you're going something cool right make good use lala

KonnectUs cloud-based software makes easy cross-platform sharing a reality, we swoon (video) -- Engadget
Last year, we expressed a yearning for something we called the
konnectus cloud based software makes easy cross platform sharing reality swoon video engadget surphace start last year expressed yearning something called continuous client allow pick up one device left another less saw advent hp's touch share technology dreams weren't fully fulfilled longed offer seamless devices well rubbed bottle popped out collaborative effort between sensus open exhibits enables transfer files information platforms including windows ios android simple swipe finger turns built museums mind company offering apis integration third party applications maybe perfect world isn't far oh that's right still don't robot shake martinis hard day office break end

6 Ways It Could Change Our Daily Lives
Sarah Kessler is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to Inc. Magazine.
ways change daily livessarah kessler freelance writer regular contributor inc magazine realm new technologies near field communication nfc sexy concept clear potential practical uses it’s holding attention slew big name companies long time nokia sony royal philips electronics founded forum 2004 order promote short range wireless connectivity technology samsung motorola microsoft more 140 organizations joined party shortly allows device usually mobile phone collect data another tag close many contactless payment card integrated similar bluetooth except instead programming two devices work together simply touch establish connection year released first commercial version enabled 2007 instituted annual global competition award best ideas applications soon trials products started taking place everywhere malaysia germany 100 pilot projects now undertaken over world taken gain traction track go mainstream “i we’re early stages step roll outs … mass market ” peter preuss marketing committee chair “and happen within next 18 24 months ”here six impact paymentunlike inches makes good choice secure transactions such credit payments mastercard visa both members involved programs use phones flash option “tap go” infrastructure already systems mastercard’s paypass program visa’s paywave mit students come up way replace customer loyalty cards application eclectyk submitted 2009 store information automatically select right purchase “digital wallet” extend coupons offers startup molo rewards recently launched based coupon san diego toronto consumers site download exchange having swiped point aren’t widely available united states company providing radio frequency identification rfid tags attached back retailers benefit being sent used want send consumer purchased box cereal 21st december 11am est asks website “molo provide capability ”2 transportationnfc works smart readers meaning easily public transit cities swipe 2008 german rail operator deutsche bahn ticketing 200 travelers touched boarded train fare calculated added monthly bill january 2010 successful expanded additional 000 madrid plans start bus health carenot medical professionals treatments patient receive keep nurses doctors checked each scanned transferred database addition improving treatment research winner last year’s forum’s euro prize helps patients low resource areas currently pneumonia study young children pakistan child given bracelet visits participating care organization clinical laboratory associated collected posted server real ease useif become prevalent you’ll initiate player game touching link headset print photo printer second developed dial people trouble making calls user tap person call embedded transmits proper number objectsan contains url one largest series experiments pick tagged locations smarttouch project funded under european itea between 2006 took oulu finland city installed 500 “infotags” buses stops theater restaurant pub read instance patrons tickets refreshments scan posters plays infotags schools individual schedule announcements homework waving past trial held allowed customers bar codes put poster pedestrians add object integrating led interesting far beyond billboards called objecs sells tablet gravestones personal rosetta stone provides deceased social mediabefore foursquare servtag working towards friendticker applied 250 stickers various berlin users alert friends “checked in” location stolen thunder networking still plenty media university technische universitã¤t mã¼nchen prototype facebook nfriendconnector met physical space profile through respective statuses updated example so” choose include bar” stalking acquaintance’s night out run matching method variables interest dislikes hobbies chatting coverage follow mashable tech twitter fan facebookmore resources 10 awesome webcam feeds around see google street view sightings easter eggs free identify song stuck head top modern gadgets retro styling pics

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