Mike's Tech Notes for 3/14/2012

Today I checked out the following sites and found them useful, so I thought I'd post about them for both my are your reference in the future...

Diederik Krols
This article describes how to implement data binding and using variable sized cells in a VariableSizedWrapGrid control in a Windows 8 Metro application, Customer Preview release. The VariableSizedWrapGrid control exposes the ColumnSpan and RowSpan attached properties. These allow to specify the number of columns and rows an element should span. He're how the sample project looks like:
diederik krolsposted krols march 2012this article describes implement data binding variable sized cells variablesizedwrapgrid control windows metro application customer preview release exposes columnspan rowspan attached properties allow specify number columns rows element span he're sample project looks according official documentation rowspan values interpreted immediate parent value set let's thing class couldn't find better name width property contains relative viewmodel list things want show allows selected public mainpageviewmodel bindablebase lt gt results new add beer height imagepath assets images jpg hops malt water yeast sugar sugars herbs forth return private selectedthing setproperty ref derives helper provided visual studio templates implements property changed notification using callermembername attribute view xaml i'm glad finally works developer needed code behind page datacontext local now panel itemscontrol databound scenario need gridview theory next configuration work simply attach item template itemssource itemtemplate datatemplate grid insert details here itemspanel itemspaneltemplate each item is wrapped gridviewitem apparently swallows far practice way make create child override preparecontainerforitemoverride method look variablegridview protected dependencyobject object var setvalue columnspanproperty rowspanproperty base course we're going build specialized each model so it makes sense to define interface iresizable here's a reusable version depends here's whole nothing imagesource image bitmapimage uri ms appx replace custom tadaa source it was written express 11 beta consumer u2uconsult variablesizedwrapgridsample zip 951 87 kb enjoy
Windows 8 AppBarButtonStyles enumerated and visualized
As a result of the WinJS AppBarIcons post yesterday, I’ve received a fair number of requests asking to see how this compares to what’s available for XAML-based projects.
windows appbarbuttonstyles enumerated visualizedas result winjs appbaricons post yesterday i’veâ receivedâ a fair number requests asking see compares what’s available xaml based projects results don’t quite stack up download full imagethere currently 29 options compared 150 â additionally names icons conflict used different ways â i’m hoping ironed out before release instead property appearance button set via style name icon prefix appbarbuttonstyle styles defined standardstyles resource dictionary part basic project template sample code lt staticresource previousappbarbuttonstyle gt works fine inline controls styled doing much work feel bit heavy setting â custom content png file overall prefer choice usage over those except find search looks os level charm believe named
Use Bing Maps in your Windows 8 XAML applications
Today the Bing team announced the release of their WinRT Bing Maps control (BETA) for XAML applications.  First the goods:
use bing maps windows xaml applicationstoday team announced release winrt control beta applications first goods familiar silverlight similar nature metro style app here’s helpful tips docs wanted elevate tendency read installinginstalling simple visual studio download vsix file click both express ultimate installed prompt install installations that’s it…you done vs running good idea restart creating net application mapsonce create new once right project choose add reference navigate extensions section see want vclibs extension time well map native adding dependency necessary information app’s package manifest noting required dependencies store user’s compile immediately notice exception during build gt started application17 configuration debug cpu crlf microsoft framework v4 30319 common targets 1667 error msb3774 find sdk version 11 msb3778 appx attributes found none matched targeted architecture attribute without fail runtime succeeded failed up date skipped default managed “anycpu” doesn’t change x86 amd64 succeed means yes multiple specific packages thing creation tools make easy mapsfor step projects always don’t anycpu situation here controlyou’ll need set api key getting inform ready i’m fan putting resource lt resources resourcedictionary mergeddictionaries resourcedictionarysource standardstyles stringx bingmapsapikey refer page class blankpage xmlns http schemas com winfx 2006 presentation local expression blend 2008 mc openxmlformats org markup compatibility ignorable 10 gridbackground staticresource applicationpagebackgroundbrush 12 mapx name mymap width 640 height 480 13 credentials 14 grid 15 those pieces place run full interactivity declaration “using maps” notation now quickly location setting capability appxmanifest wiring center current location… async protectedoverridevoid onnavigatedto navigationeventargs geolocator geo desiredaccuracy positionaccuracy var currentposition await getgeopositionasync loc latitude coordinate longitude setview zoom level true show animations excited go grab start incorporating visualization apps today hope helps
Alex Golesh's Blog About Silverlight Development
Windows 8 enables data exchange between applications. This was possible in the past, but to make it happen two applications must have knowledge about each other which was always not possible especially for applications developed by different companies. Windows 8 enables easy data sharing between the application by introducing OS-level sharing mechanism. Metro applications can publish information from certain types (“Share Source” applications) from one hand, operation system is responsible of selecting applications which expressed “interest” in some specific type of info and those applications (“Share Target”) are responsible of processing data received upon activation.
alex golesh's blog silverlight developmentwindows enables data exchange between applications possible past make happen two knowledge each always especially developed different companies windows easy sharing application introducing os level mechanism metro publish information certain types “share source” one hand operation responsible selecting expressed “interest” specific type info those target” processing received upon activation post show share textual image sample working discovered tablet empty target work around problem wrote simple accepts simply presents let’s see build first launched start screen present static emptypage without real functionality done redirecting application’s root frame page protectedoverridevoid onlaunched launchactivatedeventargs args create act navigation context navigate var rootframe new typeof place current window ensure active content activate mode redirected control over process protectedoverride async onsharetargetactivated sharetargetactivatedeventargs sharepage sharetargetpage await activateasync enable declare supported contracts note known user defined support “any” file settings specify executable entry point code looks pretty self describing shareoperation null conststring dataformatname valentine love catcher public task activated furtherif kind activationkind sharetarget object event fill ui fields txttitle text properties title txtdesc description isnullorempty quicklinkid txtlinkid stklink visibility collapsed contains standarddataformats uri geturiasync txturi absoluteuri stkuri gettextasync txttext stktext storageitems ireadonlylist lt istorageitem gt getstorageitemsasync filelist index count name txtfiles stkfiles receivedstrings jsonobject customobject tryparse out containskey getstring http schema org lovevibe expects custom stringify getobject environment newline soulmate txtcustomdata stkcustomformat html htmlformat gethtmlformatasync htmlfragment htmlformathelper getstaticfragment webview navigatetostring body bitmap irandomaccessstreamreference imagereceived getbitmapasync irandomaccessstreamwithcontenttype stream openreadasync bitmapimage setsource imageholder source visible privatevoid reportcomplete sender routedeventargs reportstarted simulate report here end completed reportcompleted full downloaded now back initiates “share” charm right swipe menu supports initialize datatransfermanager class soon enabled publicvoid initializesharesource getforcurrentview datarequested typedeventhandler datarequestedeventargs ondatarequested handles requests invoking function private basic request spread word lovely thumbnail randomaccessstreamreference createfromuri ms appx images png setbitmap girl_1 settext found true multiple files device's storage list storagefile items getfilefromapplicationuriasync bouquet add newyear setstorageitems snippet above shares app shred differently case used shared cases provides instead scenario special method opens force showing uidatatransfermanager showshareui advanced scenarios cares example apps handle subscribing targetapplicationchosen makes distinction subscribe eventdatatransfermanager datatransfermanager_targetapplicationchosen targetapplicationchoseneventargs logic based selected find select applicationname very powerful many interesting that's ⩠forrest gumpwin8 made really simple…stay tuned next part
How Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the iPad
Now that the new iPad has been revealed, everyone’s chiming in on whether it’s a disappointing incremental upgrade or a fantastic breakthrough. None of that matters to its success, of course. If every single previous iPhone and iPad product launch is any indication, Apple is going to sell truckloads of these things no matter what any expert, hater or fanboy says.
windows tablets seriously challenge ipadnow new ipad revealed everyone’s chiming whether it’s disappointing incremental upgrade fantastic breakthrough none matters success course single previous iphone product launch indication apple going sell truckloads things matter expert hater fanboy there’s one thing makes release different ealier ones device goes head arrive later year microsoft‘s os spawn entirely species tablet android devices far apple’s competition microsoft plays cards right finally gives serious market first real motorola xoom largely ignored consumers newer latest upgrades certainly better they’re still hampered amorphous ecosystem those examples up scaled phone apps tim cook cued keynote pretty damning 200 000 app store google doesn’t give official count specific play estimates thousands non contendersnon look even worse rim fumbled blackberry playbook badly possibly rim’s whole credibility space never recover hp killed consumer offering touchpad mere weeks upon realizing opponent couldn’t hope defeat amazon kindle fire barnes amp noble nook stories kind cheated both managed carve out niche selling rock bottom prices fire’s low loss itself outlet specialized content products aren’t toe fighting over scraps left behind experience entirety basically see droid showed along software wasn’t end smartphones android’s skyrocketed rescue market’s dark horse possible hinges respond user interface metro thrust such big gamble brings same ui traditional pcs desktops laptops ideally suited touchscreens works mouse keyboard here’s full breakdown reason done really spirit bringing features laptop quite opposite fact order succeeding convince army developers make one’s develop unproven company seen little commercial current significant share entire including running choice design essentially turns potentially giving platform fuel needs expand rapidly catch metroagain hold back rejecting lets turn use desktop enough many simply choose create customers switching old environment anyway bother air expanding balloon quickly that’s before consider wild potential fragmentation work arm accept computing 100 users follow emerge probably worth talking long time bonus tour gallery box player view page slideshow start menu here's greets log machine yes tiles customizable though unwieldy practice sharing arguably metro's powerful feature although option populated mail now once you'll options here facebook twitter rest finance native beautiful familiar anytime want note absence button mousing lower corner bing maps screen clicking multitasking pointing corners moving alongside stop action side slides via you're buggy email preview lots bugs evidenced shot internet explorer tabs dedicated showing web twice shows open messaging ties people contacts messenger flickr integration photo built wasn't working skydrive 25gb free easily accessible live tile integrates photos letting avoid sending large attachments uploading pics weather looks pc settings through changes profile show flash download yep need browsers videos youtube adding customize they're video hub doesn't files promotes well that's plus minus solitaire available xbox couldn't guarantee general designed comfortable touch found functions counterintuitive
Microsoft StreamInsight - Building the Internet of Things
There’s a lot of buzz about the “Internet of Things” (IoT) lately, and for good reason. Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg estimates 50 billion devices will be connected to the Web by 2020 (bit.ly/yciS7r [PDF download]). To put this number in perspective, right now there are about 1.5 billion Web-connected PCs and fewer than 1 billion Web-connected phones—50 billion is about seven devices for every human being on the planet! Market research firm IDC in turn estimates that more than 16 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2015 (see Figure 1). Admittedly, some more conservative projections exist as well, but by anyone’s numbers this represents a huge shift in the role of the Internet—from providing information and entertainment to people to supplying the connectivity for an emerging class of device-enabled applications.
microsoft streaminsight building internet thingsthere’s lot buzz “internet things” iot lately good reason ericsson ceo hans vestberg estimates 50 billion devices connected web 2020 bit ly ycis7r pdf download put number perspective right now pcs fewer phones†seven human being planet market research firm idc turn more 16 2015 see figure admittedly conservative projections exist well anyone’s numbers represents huge shift role internet†providing information entertainment people supplying connectivity emerging class device enabled applications estimating “embedded ” idcthe large plausible powerful drivers†opportunity necessity†propelling rapid increase such solutions recent issue economist com node 17388368 notes “… bandwagon rolling benefit technology companies ambitious politicians gained momentum real need systems shows growth type solution application area example mandated implementation smart energy europe driven necessity can’t build generation capability required don’t manage use side simple ubiquitous vending machine once service personnel dispatched needed sub optimal schedule prices even dynamically altered there’s increased local demand contents nearing expiration power outages reported trigger replacement perishable items immediately words enables entirely new efficient business model segmentcharacterizing referencing certainly dramatic it’s somewhat misleading†isn’t full employment hundreds thousands traditional embedded programmers endpoints complex integrate aspects including analytics cloud pc mobile interfaces much way look everybody currently based faced integrating helping develop businesses models result you’re developer work shop builds very compelling evaluate current skills enable succeed running over data“data become currency kevin dallas general manager windows team interview wb1td8 compared management access let’s compare data characteristics typical today perhaps several million others pay bills online popular mechanism that’s shared many financial institutions log times month view pages submit payment drawn database queries run start interacting interactions sparse though generate valuable personal updates forth needs retained indefinitely contrast buildings commercial residential input generated multiple inside house single aggregated posted back end includes instantaneous usage becomes basis pricing billing possibly mandatory controls involves frequent relatively low value necessarily interesting compute state trend endpoint respond instantly situations potentially threaten surges cause grid overload case broadcasting reduce consumption continuously analyze incoming trends time identify patterns indicate higher risk illustrates architecture bottom stack various assets instrumented different kinds sensors depending generally produce continuous feeds process quickly capabilities itself processing locally called tools net micro framework help perform before passes protocols pass along global performed results overall health interest users operations decision makers drive closed take action automatically conditions revealed approaches particularly receive feedback effect change behavior improve driving processes calculated made available possible moreover frequently refer timestamps provided sensor hence placing kind periodic approach fortunately allows things applicationsmicrosoft streaminsightmicrosoft designed provide timely reactions arriving without writing disk analysis querying near time†acquired sources think mentioned react surge electricity rebalance same requires latency unceasingly scenarios apparent require requirements make impractical store relational performing call event one scenario highly useful platform scalable part sql server version 2008 r2 complements rich expressive insight delivered speed produced opposed reports processed analytical away events timelier relevant automate parts critical opportunities write developers familiar linq visual studio depicts runtime experience introduces key concepts development runtimea applicationlet’s depth potential we’ll out focus uses motion monitor rotating equipment turbines windmills vital vibration point condition break down significant damage stopped detect reliably each piece tracking unreliable readings abnormally high considered turbine you’d probably want raise alarm shut besides checking give operators dashboard provides status address following technical challenges capture measure communicate collect place correlate check implement highlightshere steps outlined previous section discuss first jump visualization output move populate started netduino plus small board 128k sram runs added common hobbyist wi fi radio wifly gsx breakout mounted actual three axis accelerometer custom pcb programmed send update second acts hub we’re restful connection service†http post containing comma separated name pairs course supports opted entire application†adapters silverlight forth†written programming tool chain clearly hire staff farm project external setting up few lines code analoginput read method analoginputx pinx analoginputy piny analoginputz pinz rawz rawy rawx message content formatted included submitting dataprotected submitsensordata uri payload stringbuilder sb 256 append â â â website services dataservice aspx savedevicedata user agent netduinoplus host 192 168 101 keep alive length tostring try httpresponse response webserver sendrequest 80 request catch messages split parse mac timestamp devicedata object subsequent populating objectprivate list lt gt record tolist normalizemac trim datetime utcnow convert todecimal substring indexof streaminsightâ â â â â â â â â â â devicedatastreaming streaming httpcontext streamingidentifier trackdevicedata dashboardnow lets operator ease presentation left views monitoringmoving averages values light temperature id updated instead displaying raw moving 10 seconds worth means average last technique protect against outliers bad occur occasionally cost trendline lower trendlines shown upper displays alarms detected raised additional severity behind scenes calculating visualizes public set decimal defines shape reasoning define observable source simply implements iobservable interface devicedataobservable sequence enumerable collections quick takes produces stream field next statement group apply hopping window subset size recalculate within calculate gives per recalculates wrapped function returns getting averagespublic static cepstream averagesensorvalues groupedaverages â â â â â â â â â â â â â var q1 e1 topointstream â â â â â pointevent createinsert â â â â â â â datetimeoffset â â â â â â â â â touniversaltime advancetimesettings strictlyincreasingstarttime â â â â â â â â â â â â select q2 e2 groups hoppingwindow â â â â â â â â â â â â â â timespan fromseconds deviceid null avgtemperature avg avglight avgmotion return great implementing query remember triggered above threshold handle couple statements grouped q3 applies neat trick representing changes alarmthresholdsignal joins thresholds filters â â â â â â â â refdata alarmsthresholds â â â null amp â â â â â â â â â â alarmdevice alarminfo test snapshot points statuses filter operation coincide overlap counts created alarmcount win snapshotwindow â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â count final step checks whether indicating filteralarms â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â select alarmevent â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â alarmtime alarmkind alarmseverity alarmstatus streams ui uiwith producing consumers won’t lightweight visualize duplex protocol convenient push delivery client html5 sockets alternative easy add easily wire ui†tearing apart between hosting load moderate serialize xml deserialize worry cookie types expect deserialization here pieces snippet communication foundation contract flowing serialized guid servicecontract iduplexclient operationcontract isoneway true eventdata annotate structures serializable annotating datacontract baseevent datamember typeguid f67ecf8b 489f 418f a01a 43b606c623ac override gettypeguid sending serverstatic callclient xmlserializer typeof â â â â â var stringwriter callback branch methods received 11 receiving deserializing clientvoid proxy_receivereceived sender receivereceivedeventargs error processaveragesensorvalues processalarms processunknown pick shake until those nice red 12 alarmsbecause constantly coming observablecollections extremely updating base grids doing outlookin regular ordinary computing attractive hardware software serve collected makes elastically scale grows deploy planning azure codename “austin” predefined austin connect you’ll benefits elastic go connections another important happening standardization effort w3c initiatives implemented websocket simplifies browser tcp particular opening exciting world level feed through torsten grabsâ is lead program division years’ working products holds ph computer science swiss federal institute zurich switzerland colin millerâ has worked 25 years 15 databases desktop publishing consumer word explorer passport liveid he’s product unit thanks experts reviewing article rafael fernandez moctezuma lorenzo tessiore
Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus
I feel lucky to live in the days of continuously connected devices. I love that I’m able to reply to e-mail using my phone while riding the bus home. It’s amazing to be able to Skype with my family on the other side of the world and team up with like-minded gamers across the country on my Xbox. However, in this world of permanent Internet connectivity, there is, as Joshua Topolsky puts it, “a missing link in our computing experience” (engt.co/9GVeKl). 
windows azure appfabric service busi feel lucky live days continuously connected devices love i’m reply mail phone riding bus home it’s amazing skype family side world team up minded gamers country xbox permanent internet connectivity joshua topolsky puts “a missing link computing experience” engt co 9gvekl â this refers lack calls continuous client solution broken workflow occurs today move one device another switch pc tablet typical day current browsing session documents application state naturally flow way i’d spend less time context switching more actual work play article i’ll show build simple spans multiple platforms make use new portable class libraries pcls ease development cross platform cloud†particular bus†handle communication between …it’s late afternoon trying fix last bug quickly avoid peak hour traffic inevitable call comes “honey pick milk bread chickpeas ” hang store realize i’ve forgotten buy end head items already pantry frustrating today’s tends involve lot back forth calling “did frozen peas “chickpeas you’re toilet paper ”to help alleviate marriage tensions around issue others wait write app called “on home” runs based beta tablets allows wife easily track shopping list keep both informed real changes know exactly need given smartphone running window different differing flavors microsoft net framework abstract away differences enable share much logic possible including model view viewmodel mvvm pattern bit ly gw7l facilitate same models viewmodels specific views librariesin past hasn’t easy grand dreams runtime fully delivered promise you’ve attempted deliver spanned you’ll noticed few things assembly factoring versioning names example dll contains peer networking apis means something entirely silverlight core stack find those reference versions adopts whereas adopted prevented compiled visual studio right beginning decide target†once decision made extremely hard support targeting creating project copying linking existing files factored such pieces replaced probably each error until clean available free add 2010 eknnsn built 11 provide target single create pcl choose frameworks you’d see figure start writing code under covers tools api filter intellisense classes members selected resulting referenced run without indicated library frameworkssolution layouta organize projects containing shared components references two solutions†created onyourwayhome vs2010 vs11 metro style solutions sdk works top part isn’t currently version supports don’t despair though feature helps out here open earlier having convert figures layout onyourâ­wayhome common services abstractions servicebus talk apps respectively contain pages implementations found 2010figure 11converting pclsto communicate downloaded rest sample codeplex com converted easier inevitably situations type method reasons supported implemented traditional file ios io directory fall bucket isolatedstorage storage compatible look impossible against consistent threadstaticattribute enables static fields unique value thread present runtimes considered obsolete legacy behavior that’s unlikely future they’ve newer technologies backgroundworker task asynchronous program features ran weren’t written portability mind significant amount going through sure programmed manner tweaking adding effort involved first gallery prioritized high highly used xml linq componentmodel dataannotations examples now release couple ways handling falls scenarios sometimes there’s replacement close methods stream textwriter deprecated dispose cases matter replacing former latter little harder takes situation encountered converting hmac sha256 hash provider cryptography encrypt decrypt data native winrt failed conversion following hmacsha256 issuersecretbytes byte signaturebytes computehash encoding utf8 getbytes token signature tobase64string bridge gaps crypto invented abstraction representing requirement case needed calculate public servicebusadapter â â â set computehmacsha256 secretkey added well property setting become important later next put respective shown implementation phoneservicebusadapter override var cryptoprovider â â â â â return metroservicebusadapter private const hmacsha256algorithmname hmac_sha256 macalgorithmprovider openalgorithm key createkey _secretkey asbuffer hashed cryptographicengine sign buffer toarray startup “bootstrapped” adapter everything place changed original non compiling although depending talks interface take front reuse infrastructure bridging note access register makes over dependency injection managed extensibility mef unity autofac natural container “inject” layoutmy shoppinglistview displays addgroceryitemview user shoppinglistviewfigure addgroceryitemviewshoppinglistview shows purchased idea walk check item cart purchasing clicking causes checked taken indicating longer sharing instantly network behind person consist mainly xaml very codebehind limits duplicate binding bind themselves commands ui ships can’t advantage typically includes types inotifypropertychanged icommand inotifycollectionchanged doesn’t inotifydataerrorinfo completeness custom validation interactions controls bindings bound properties addgroceryitemviewmodel lt stackpanel gt textbox text name mode twoway â â â â â â â â â â width 459 height 80 button command â â â â â â â â â content margin 307 textblock notificationtext â â â â â â â â â â â â 12 8public navigatableviewmodel _name _notificationtext _addcommand addcommand actioncommand empty base setproperty ref event sourcingon heavily concept sourcing 3spc9h published stored sequence events refer thing defined keyword concrete represent change what’s aggregator notifies handlers response aggregation shawn wildermuth’s “composite web prism msdn magazine dd943055 represents grocery being looks datacontract itemaddedevent ievent datamember guid id information uniquely within marked serialized disk sent wire clicks 10 publishing eventpublic readonly ieventaggregator _eventaggregator adds newguid publish directly simply publishes responsibility listening shoppinglist subscribes handles classpublic ieventhandler â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â eventaggregator requires notnull subscribe readonlyobservablecollection groceryitem groceryitems _groceryitems isincart false creates indirectly via shoppinglistviewmodel updated navigates page expected process removing checking handled seem indirection passes onto bypass glad asked treating encourages individual parts loosely coupled publisher subscribers inserting pipeline syncing cloud simpler cloudi’ve covered basic functionality still problem getting vice versa applications avoiding complexities navigating obstacles firewalls address translation nat provides foundation wcf http endpoints hosted sits subscriber three purposes cover topics full overview “an introduction bus” unvaxg publishers topic akin big queue completely unaware who’s push messages they’re held ad infinitum requested pull subscription filters subscriptions act removed seen include topicin azureserviceeventhandler similar implements instead azureserviceeventhandlers 13 azureservicebuseventhandler disposableobject istartupservice iazureservicebus _servicebus iazureeventserializer _eventserializer eventserializer subscribeall messagereceived onmessagereceived brokeredmessage message serialize send pushed local aware happens trip architecture really pays detects received reverse deserializes gets treated came 14 deserializing messagepublic object sender messagereceivedeventargs args deserialize care source coming user’s input updates groceries turn pay special attention notice come cause duplication worse unrelated lists pretty want people’s food choices appearing prevent per listens along uses exclude 15 workflowwrapping upi simplified significantly reduced changing sync left unsaid factor developing didn’t offline caching fault tolerance merge conflicts mine playback attach control unauthorized users accessing shouldn’t finally persistence save launches leave exercise interesting challenge naã¯ve approaching hook mark objects serializable before down route stop think natively surprisingly saving restoring david keanâ is developer bcl prior worked loved greatly misunderstood tool fxcop related sibling analysis originally melbourne australia he’s seattle wash lucy children jack sarah ben blogging davesbox thanks technical experts reviewing nicholas blumhardt immo landwerth
New Standard Concurrency Features in Visual C++ 11
The latest C++ iteration, known as C++11 and approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in the past year, formalizes a new set of libraries and a few reserved words to deal with concurrency. Many developers have used concurrency in C++ before, but always through a third-party library—often directly exposing OS APIs.
new standard concurrency features visual 11the latest iteration known 11 approved international organization standardization iso past year formalizes set libraries few reserved words deal many developers used before always through third party library†directly exposing os apis herb sutter announced december 2004 “free performance lunch” over sense cpu manufacturers prevented shipping faster cpus physical power consumption increasing heat reasons led current mainstream multicore era reality †one†made important leap adapt rest article organized two sections smaller subsections first section starting parallel execution covers technologies allow applications run indeâ­pendent semi independent activities second syncing up concurrent explores mechanisms synchronizing way handle data thus avoiding race conditions based included upcoming version now called already available 2010 although guide model algorithms exhaustive documentation options solid introduction executionwhen processes design there’s natural tendency specify sequence steps long within acceptable bounds recommendable schema it’s typically easier understand†requirement maintainable code bases becomes worrisome factor classic initial attempt overcome situation optimize sequential algorithm order reduce consumed cycles done until come point further optimizations available†they’re hard achieve time split series simultaneous occurrence you’ll learn following asynchronous tasks those portions original linked produce consume threads units administrated runtime environment relate thread internals bound variables exceptions propagated tasksin companion find project case shown figure codeint calculatea return calculateb calculatec argc char argv getuserdata initializes showresult function asks user submits three functions results later combined output information calculating material coded such random delay between one seconds introduced each considering executed sequentially leads overall time†once input entered†nine worst scenario try out pressing f5 running sample need revise performed concurrently execute async future lt gt f1 f2 i’ve concepts here both defined header std namespace receives lambda object functor returns understand concept placeholder eventual result returned asynchronously i’ll calling method blocks value test compare revised asynctasks modification versus lightweight programming releases developer duty creating threading policies won’t cover threadsthe task presented previous suffice given scenarios deeper handling control comes class declared located despite being more complex offer better methods synchronization coordination allowing yield another wait determined amount finished continuing example integer argument prints multiples less 100 000 console auto multiple_finder 100000 â â â â â â â â cout multiple endl th 23456 34567 join see examples fact passed circumstantial would’ve sufficed well different parameters take look vary runs due timings 46912 69134 70368 93824 23456i implement introduce promise understood sink dropped associated promises associates instead makes call calculate details lighter associating futures promisestypedef func2promise amp set_value p1 p2 get_future t1 ref t2 exceptionsin define global whose scope entire application including relative keeps copy local storage follows thread_local subtotal declaration visibility variable narrowed keep maintaining static values per kept invocations isn’t simulated non microsoft extension defineâ __declspec happen exception thrown inside cases caught handled stack doesn’t transport initiator introduces threadinternals sum_until_element_with_threshold traverses vector finds specific element summing elements along sum exceeds threshold exceptionsthread_local unsigned sum_total exception_ptr pexc find_if_not begin end const bool ret â â â â â â â throw runtime_error exceeded this_thread get_id found catch current_exception happens captured via triggers same parameter triggered respective exception_ptrs analyzed pexc1 pexc2 scramble_vector 1000 dealwithexceptionifany initialized†sign happened†back rethrow_exception exc received 10164 94574 executionit desirable percent practice never possible dependencies parties avoid atomic types similar primitive enabling safe mutexes locks enable critical regions condition freeze criteria satisfied typesthe types†atomic_char atomic_int on†implemented terms interlocking operations equivalent homonyms without atomic_ prefix difference assignment operators protected midst irrupts changes we’re looking atomic_uint total_iterations find_element total iterations message printed telling position find_if â â common updated compounded number applied prevent updating preceding even didn’t print partial you’d still accumulate contention atomics download ran getting 8064 168 6948 395 563 mut ual ex clusion locksthe depicted particular mutual exclusion writing access mutex defines lockable classes establish region throughout member successfully locking attempting lock stay blocked fail middle extremes alternative timed_mutex small interval failing attempts desist helps deadlocks locked explicitly unlocked others lead undetermined behavior†error prone forgetting release dynamic memory actually much worse mean can’t properly anymore waiting fortunately acts destructor sure around mx funca funcb guarantee coming together necessary make simplest mechanism†lock_guard sleep_for chrono lg something releasing times again mechanism uses unique_lock policy try_to_lock_t waitvoid successful_attempts ul successful unsuccessful hibernating five enter shows twice executing mutexfuncb secured variablesthe condition_variable last facility covered fundamental tied events condvar producer pushes queue mq cv queued push unlock notify_all nobody consumer popping queuing fetch waits consecutive failed ends waking conditional variablesvoid failed_attempts true size elem front pop fetching exiting break ready going sleep wait_for awoken avoids having variablesconsumer holistic viewto recap conceptual panorama environments parallelize outcomes retrieved granularity tasks†heavier†keeping separated copies transporting act provides resources trusted ensure modified help code†simultaneously wrap tying unlocking latter lifecycle former finally grant efficiency notified hasn’t ways configure use reader vision dig diego dagumâ is software 20 years experience he’s currently community program manager thanks technical experts reviewing david cravey alon fliess fabio galuppo marc gregoire
Cutting Edge - Build a Progress Bar with SignalR
In the past two installments of this column I discussed how to build an ASP.NET solution for the evergreen problem of monitoring the progress of a remote task from the client side of a Web application. Despite the success and adoption of AJAX, a comprehensive and widely accepted solution for displaying a context-sensitive progress bar within a Web application without resorting to Silverlight or Flash is still lacking.
cutting edge build progress bar signalrin past two installments column discussed asp net solution evergreen problem monitoring remote task client side web application despite success adoption ajax comprehensive widely accepted displaying context sensitive within without resorting silverlight flash still lacking honest aren't many ways one accomplish craft want underlying pattern won’t different presented†specifically targeting mvc†columns month i’m back same topic i’ll discuss new library signalr microsoft framework jquery plug being developed team possibly included future releases platform presents extremely promising functionality that's currently missing more developers demanding glancesignalr integrated server enables browser based clients components bidirectional multistep conversation words isn’t limited single stateless request response data exchange continues until explicitly closed takes place over persistent connection lets send multiple messages reply†much interesting†asynchronous come surprise canonical demo use illustrate capabilities chat starts sending message server†endpoint†replies keeps listening requests scenario requires newer install via nuget downloading bits directly github repository com figure shows page packages minimum need download dependencies part js see serve specific purposes such providing ninject dependency resolver alternate transportation mechanism html5 sockets available platforminside examplebefore attempt useful familiar taking look example distributed downloadable source code archive msdn mag201203cuttingedge information referenced few related posts note though released project mvc start referencing bunch script files shown here lt src url content scripts min type text javascript gt hubs there’s nothing used equally well forms applications interesting point emphasize first links reference file third link instead references generated fly†depends host json2 intend support versions internet explorer prior version upon loading finalize setup open call ready event binds handlers html elements†unobtrusive javascript†prepares setting up document function â â â add handler button sendbutton click â â â â â msg' val create proxy endpoint var callback process received addmessage messages' append li hub â â worth noting object defined contrast dynamic sense fly injected ultimately clear means little strong counterpart include assembly infrastructure includes managed class matches created interface inherit here’s signature namespace signalrprogressdemo public method match invoked matching ends placing earlier uses property member dynamically deterâ­mined objects particular contains built expected exposed toward demonow let’s notification reports made during lengthy step encapsulates name assign arbitrarily chosen affect you’ll write later simply reason choose care even important provided named bookinghub methods†mostly methods accepting sequence input parameters makes intended purpose represents possible invoke book flight bookflight contain logic executes given action booking various stages calls way report skeleton looks legâ ref1 return ref2 handle payment payflight conjunction operations notify user base offers called form shape determined itself move mentioned runs loads good running config work native component exposes section naming convention names camelcase meaning becomes find camelcased operation fco jfk now define displaymessage receives displays through span tag msg you’re responsible displayâ­message decide what’s passed expect close circle final issue who’s calling passing it’s classpublic leg thread sleep 2000 3000 value booked successfully case perfectly mistype something exception†execute implemented gets run doesn’t pool results scheduled pick standard worker advantage they’re wait state waiting aren’t done true htmlin term frequently showing classic gauge ui having nice visual effect require complex async builds percentage change appearance elements proper css classes creating barvar gaugebar generate typeof number 100 colspan markup table 'gauge table' tr td style 'width tostring completed' tobedone' statusline' completed updategaugebar perc therefore another replace previously clientsi presented primarily api front end although probably compelling supporting desktop soon windows phone scratched surface simplest effective approach program investigate magic under hood packets moved along wire stay tuned dino espositoâ is author “programming mvc3” press 2011 coauthor “microsoft architecting enterprise” 2008 italy he’s frequent speaker industry events worldwide follow twitter despos thanks following technical expert reviewing article damian edwards
Scaling Out with SQL Azure Federation
Many companies have been unable to meet user demand because they could not scale out. The theory of scaling out—adding servers to accommodate increasing workload and traffic—isn’t hard to understand, but the implementation can be complicated and expensive. Over the past several years, the concept of elastic cloud computing (the ability to scale out as well as down) to meet user demand has become more realistic and affordable as companies such as Microsoft and Amazon have started to provide the tools that architects and developers need to keep their companies thriving in a competitive marketplace.
scaling out sql azure federationmany companies unable meet user demand scale theory out†adding servers accommodate increasing workload traffic†isn’t hard understand implementation complicated expensive over past several years concept elastic cloud computing ability well down become more realistic affordable such microsoft amazon started provide tools architects developers need keep thriving competitive marketplace article introduce one new made available database federation haven’t chance work windows check free three month trial offers http www com click services redirect2 ashx cr_cc 200056234 released 2009 immediately wanted move databases first problem ran time wasn’t good way migrate objects data server ended up writing program help automate migration process named wizard sqlazuremw codeplex aka ms sqlazuremigration tool successfully migrated visual studio deploy application four worker roles quickly discovered amount collecting exceed 10 gb size limit increased 150 needed add retry logic handle throttling high cpu use large number concurrent connections single address issues achieve throughput required modified re architected allow sharding known federating breaking many smaller distributing different hardware devices take advantage greater physical resources end configuration 125 window 64 now hours used week realized around 40 cost reduction shut didn’t collect information federationsql provides here benefits sharded taking within allowing customers share access reducing exposure point failure benefiting lower costs basis releasing done bottlenecks figure 1shows level view parts root members federationfederation databasethe contains metadata federations it’s thing create setting through management portal following script fedroot collate french_ci_as maxsize 100 edition 'business' inherit properties example created preceding maximum relate business collation individual alter command change characteristics perform split action member two resulting parent’s federationthe define type customer id product you’ll shard creating connected lt federationname gt distributionkeyname distributiontype range creates based parent case shown section name guid distribution key valid types bigint uniqueidentifier varbinary 900 memberthe containing specific default low reset go splitpoint tells find value shows works atas see splits 5000000 9000000 don’t even offline real without loss remember reading ranges inclusive “up including ”â reside whose 900000 schema recommend operation once deployed splitting migrating tooling deployment greatly simplify empty want parallel â migrating federationif existing designed mind probably make major architectural modifications both before think possible won’t environment few factors consider thinking can’t cross joins each thus lives rules totally autonomous referential integrity between going primary identity column support another unique decide modify becomes avoid complications dealing potential concerns come already determining unfortunately exists migrates figures table federate manual effort baseline reflect appropriate look â figure federated tablecreate customerfederation cust_id filtering dbo â â â â â customerid null title nvarchar firstname 50 middlename lastname suffix companyname 128 emailaddress phone 25 modifieddate datetime â constraint pk_customer_customerid clustered asc statistics_norecomputeâ ignore_dup_key gofor clarity included commands important part you’re formats notice statements connection set source follows sets defined statement same keyword makes explicit remind things temp tables settings lost scope member’s full 500 1000 connect working query processer returns matches pick list returned code put told contained argument columnname identify looked original added run saved file msdn en library windowsazure hh597457 aspx databasesonce next whether plan allowed selecting advanced option larger â your upload correct easy sounds besides being tedious involves figuring finding listing rangeselect fed federation_id â â â â â â fmd distribution_name member_id range_low range_high typ sys join federation_distributions dis federation_member_distributions system_type_id â order range_lowonce listed determine names looped result select db_name goonce easiest found bulk copy bcp clause i’m interested shards consuming something doing sqlazurefedmw rq3pys target picking sqlazurefedmwsqlazurefedmw lets via tab display noteâ requires match destination doesn’t ignored transfer displays output results generates clicking summary sqlazurefedmwwhen kicks processes control batch chunking modifying exe config running uploads finished sqlazurefedmwscaling outthere ways portalwith manage arises options portalonce space small dialog box overview resize enter asynchronous interface updated show completed scriptyou manually specify start again until current completes execute ops percent_complete dm_federation_operations â where 'when complete job record removed sqlazuremwthe third maintenance allows users under prompted sure selected sqlazuremwonce connects appear left pane right behind 11 sqlazuremwto status bar wait performing earlier finish described fullest functionality creation drawback open supported second choice detailed performance active downi demands forget still deal area that’s overlook periods longer expense having extra floating wish tell easier lot merge version future releases fairly though monotonous incredibly difficult recall exactly mirror copies except means object very reason changing stored procedures others structures making complex changes less wrote points losing accesses drop entire cutting service aren’t removing drops moves values upper actual dropped deleted back generated later backed commandlet’s 12 â alter downthe row 1000000 entered executing above wizardi local machine 13 dropping â i uploaded 14 uploading sqlazuremwwith refactored various leave online whenever tried log hit error taken receive message saying currently really static enable scripts old plus verified everything went remove signifying specified efforts unfederated inserts updates deletes carefully live last comment charges paying 199 98 per total 20 lose brings conclusionfor commodity processors ui layers buying enterprise class processing requirements moving premise corporations looking “just enough” minimum increases release decreases applications magic bullet prepare mentioned design simple task solution sharded†mind†great foundation saves setup matures adds â will concentrate infrastructure george hueyâ is principal architect developer amp platform evangelism group emerging technologies applied solve problems author special thank goes technical expert â cihan biyikogluâ reviewing
Web browsing in Windows 8 Consumer Preview with IE10 - Building Windows 8 - Site Home
In this post we want to talk about the new Internet Explorer 10 browsing experience.  We have considerably improved the underlying browsing engine with performance, standards, and features as we have previously blogged about.  IE10 designed for a Metro style experience is a new and improved way of browsing, where you can truly focus on the information you want to browse rather than the task of browsing – a fully immersive experience.  At the same time it provides all of the safety and controls you are used to – tabs, keyboard shortcuts, InPrivate browsing, and more.  Rob Mauceri, the group program manager for Internet Explorer, authored this post. --Steven
web browsing windows consumer preview ie10 building site homein post want talk new internet explorer 10 experience considerably improved underlying engine performance standards features previously blogged designed metro style way truly focus information browse task †fully immersive same time provides safety controls used tabs keyboard shortcuts inprivate more rob mauceri group program manager authored steven deliver best devices re imagined architecture browser built lockstep give advantages applications offer extending ie’s provide fast hardware accelerated strong security support html5 result make website interaction fluid touch well heavy mouse use websites participate including start screen charms snap protection malicious software providing real control over online privacy tuning realized better whether desktop computer big enabled mobile device people “chromelessly” phones they’ve become accustomed less manual compared offers full ie always accomplish next share print search… we’ve found many even those enthusiastic intense patterns prefer it’s focused doesn't video download view favorite media player high quality mp4 lower mp4with fluidyou read technical details architectural improvements “trident” chakra javascript blog ie10’s user exclusively around design everyday interface need out don’t comprehensive functionality duty great forms integrated spell checking autocorrect finding text page etc follows conventions personality animations command activation puts sites edge uses pixel available stay until versions made super responsive delivers feel stick finger responsiveness panning zooming swiping back forward navigation tapping zoom content context menus form optimized responds fluidly orientation scaling smoothly landscape portrait layouts “snapping” improves expect convenient activations takes different modern approach squarely tab window management activity defined date hallways primary laptops workstations screens keyboards mice tiles daily help find navigate immediately site’s icon color minimizing typing shows frequently visited you’ve pinned important quickly tilesas type address bar filter show history favorites popular urls roaming connected accounts roam easily access recent webpages pcs multiple pages core good switcher appears swipe bottom top right click press key active shown thumbnails titles overlays friendly button closing creating last reducing actively manage clean up one again keeping includes easy common operations stop refresh pinning badges coloring secure smartscreen supports auto complete search matching behavior box progress indicator loading indicators compatibility tracking commands open require older plug technologies tools wish continue existing workflows works physical automatically adjusts easier example set “ ” com” keys enter based you’re email fields keysie10 “low nag” notifications alerts prompts come through notification “fly outs” needed bars dismiss appropriate downloads protect via smartscreen’s application reputation connecting apps part integration store blurs boundaries between makes thing side mail music adapts narrow “snap” size undocks necessary capabilities snapped pinch tap following links multitasking lets put messaging appcharms consistent perform actions searching sharing settings appear move corner charm default preference initiating fly results picture instant see allows send rich link image description hyperlink sending previews very little work printing projecting playing external webpage handy things airline boarding passes clicking selecting printer quick configuration clear location consumers simplified enthusiasts still fine grained personalize pin place care reflect background messages account additional jumplists go directly screenpinned tile keep glance without opening sitejumplists sections tailored youintegration discover launch visit app once installed here’s cuttherope favicon single clickprotecting webie10 industry leading reliability ie9’s xss filtering hang detection recovery addition advantage “enhanced protected mode” isolation each extended run per leaving cookies cached data summary changes developer previewie10 brings featured here independent composition enables fixed elements nested scrolling regions previewdouble contentfast mousemouse ctrl scroll wheel methods mirror interactionsautomatic domain suggestions faster typingshare snippets images selection appssearch visual suggestionsdevices tvsplug free requiring activexbackground improvementsjumplists openclean closes current tabmetro compromise browsingyou choice small means compromises multitask power pc private
About Kaggle and Crowdsourcing Data Modeling
Kaggle is an innovative solution for statistical/analytics outsourcing. We are the leading platform for predictive modeling competitions. Companies, governments and researchers present datasets and problems - the world's best data scientists then compete to produce the best solutions. At the end of a competition, the competition host pays prize money in exchange for the intellectual property behind the winning model.
kaggle crowdsourcing data modelingkaggle innovative solution statistical analytics outsourcing leading platform predictive modeling competitions companies governments researchers present datasets problems world's best scientists compete produce solutions end competition host pays prize money exchange intellectual property behind winning model motivation simple organizations don't access advanced machine learning techniques allow extract maximum value meanwhile crave real world develop refine corrects mismatch offering cost effective way harness 'cognitive surplus' community comprises thousands phds quantitative fields such computer science statistics econometrics maths physics come over 100 countries 200 universities addition use meet network collaborate experts related never failed outperform pre existing accuracy benchmark resoundingly two reasons countless approaches solving problem single participant house expert consultant try exposing large number participants trying different very quickly advance frontier what's possible given dataset competitive pressures drive keep new ideas time feedback live leaderboard somebody makes breakthrough others revise algorithms outdo leader’s performance leapfrogging continues until reach full extent result clients cheaper faster more powerful proud achieved extraordinary results outperformed betting markets state art hiv research chess ratings public runs private invitation subject non disclosure agreements information please contact read case studies analysts find
Description - CHALEARN Gesture Challenge
You will never need a remote controller anymore, you will never need a light switch. Lying in bed in the dark, you will point to the ceiling to turn on the light, you will wave your hand to increase the temperature, you will make a T with your hands to turn on the TV set. You and your loved ones will feel safer at home, in parking lots, in airports: nobody will be watching, but computers will detect distressed people and suspicious activities. Computers will teach you how to effectively use gestures to enhance speech, to communicate with people who do not speak your language, to speak with deaf people, and you will easily learn many other sign languages to comminicate under water, to referee sports, etc. All that thanks to gesture recognition!
description chalearn gesture challengemotivationsyou never need remote controller anymore light switch lying bed dark point ceiling turn wave hand increase temperature make hands tv set loved ones feel safer home parking lots airports nobody watching computers detect distressed people suspicious activities teach effectively use gestures enhance speech communicate speak language deaf easily learn many sign languages comminicate under water referee sports etc thanks recognition kinect tm challenge camera revolutionizing field providing affordable 3d records both rgb image depth infrared sensor focuses applications include man machine communication translating video surveillance computer gaming check out examples one shot learningevery application needs specialized vocabulary want become part everyday life machines tailored new vocabularies focus learning means recognize categories single clip each drawn small generally related particular task instance signals used divers finger codes represent numerals referees marchalling guide vehicles aircrafts protocol sketchthis competition consists two components development phase december 2011 april 2012 final evaluation 10 during participants build capable training example classification problem end data consisting several batches split test short sequences batch contains different 15 diving signs american representing animals italian labels provided such self evaluate systems progress compare themselves others validation token withheld prediction results submitted line immediate feed back real time leaderboard shows current standing based predictions perform similar tasks those revealed few days train upload prior kaggle available software vault executable code best models allow organizers ensure fairness note participation conditiioned submitting disclosing methods see rules details top ranking opted submit verification demonstrate performance person another statistically significant deviation between result disqualification sponsorsthis organized by chalearn and sponsored microsoft xbox 360 sponsors texas instrument effort initiated the darpa deep program and supported national science foundation nsf grants eccs 1128436 and eccs 1128296 the eu pascal2 network excellence opinions findings conclusions recommendations expressed material authors necessarily reflect views started 00 pm wednesday utcends 11 59 tuesday utc 125 total
Replicating Flipboard Part I – Site Scraping
Posted by kenshin03 on Jan 17, 2011 in cassius, mac, tech | 7 comments
replicating flipboard part †site scraping posted kenshin03 jan 17 2011 cassius mac tech comments facebook button v1 begin http blog bottomlessinc com end having taken long good look social magazine time dig beneath cover contemplate kind technology lies behind minimalistic interface began studying inconspicuous critically important reader feature personally pop open mobile safari each clicked article deleted app right away number major one wonders manages scrape relevant content web sites such elegant effortless manner expanded view wpcdn padgadget compart job years scrapping crawling more know scrappers crawlers work speed precision left very impressed apparently machine learning models editorial selection reliance meta data nonsense throw links â the bitty flickr youtube vids rss swallows churns out core contents aesthetically pleasing humble neo classism painter technical options capable performing achievement readerafter days testing failing prepared towel abandon idea go back reading ios cocos2d until incidentally little blue icon desktop screamed safari’s toolbar introduced extracted prominent page displays clutter free overlay works best pages text heavy news articles now that’s unlike readeris chance employs similar technique apple take step closer somehow crack reader’s secret clues revealing themselves here bit googling landed readability project group called arc90 javascript file parses dom tree document extracts section threw few urls readability’s test pleasantly surprised â with comparable results even complicated sources ship version js bundled isn’t viable running non browser environments reverted php port byâ keyvan minoukadeh extra cleaning logic thrown top sample source times versus â readability resultoriginal comleft render portsource cartoon cracked â cracked scrapped phpa comclockwise wouldn't show mode gibberish code gave up shows url insteadsurely tool without limitations looser aren’t centric unusable instance hands air given photoset probably several techniques suited different types â web lots study shall leave revisit space later continued ii signalsscraping issues related posts tearing aparti’ve checking nominated ipad
Replicating Flipboard Part II – Social Signals
Posted by kenshin03 on Feb 28, 2011 in cassius, mac, mobile, tech | 2 comments
replicating flipboard part ii social signals posted kenshin03 feb 28 2011 cassius mac mobile tech comments facebook button v1 begin http blog bottomlessinc com end image www flickr photos 19marksdesign quick update project people never stray far flipboard’s default sections gaming fashion feature collections articles sources hand picked editorial team pay closer attention though notice laying out those grids simply based published time source length headline size embedded similarity topics factors seem come consideration course strength tweet count retweet likes etc particular article one major relevancy factor opinion adoption brand new ranking paradigm single ground breaking thinking design unlike google invented pagerank changed game search post layout algorithm hope someday detour scraping more signal information gather easier rank terms interestingness few hours fiddling wasted countless moments realizing twitter removed basic authentication support two pieces looking became accessible sharesthis couldn’t simpler curl api urls json url web_site_url edition cnn world europe 02 10 index html returns egypt protests london although there’re limitations notably doesn’t follow redirects treats different addresses same web page totally separate results bufsabres posts 10150099820062954 fb r97gmpug somefakeparam definitely use pre processing before calling likesthen there’s beast poised innocent function declaring interest entity person event tour de force facebook’s arsenal pushing forward graph vision added automatically becomes living open repository words site analyze type represents movie sport expressed now whether ambition categorizing entire building graphs around move towards semantic potentially huge exploit privacy another discussion convenient way returning usual via scrapping official documentation points linter obtaining info stored unique id shown grab invoke obtain matrix rottentomatoes 119655798047100 119655798047100″ know it’s liked 571 times name picture profile ak fbcdn net hprofile snc4 162036_119655798047100_2294421_s jpg link category website description average rating treviews counted 126 tfresh 109 rotten 17 except reasons unknown always return developers tools lint 3a 2f 2fwww oscars apple many others matter perhaps bypass altogether directly scrape iframe owners add buttons that’s required followed ugly regex filtering code returned markup line 22 lt div connect_widget_4d6b574b6fe272202491168 class connect_widget gt table connect_widget_interactive_area tbody tr td connect_widget_vertical_center connect_widget_button_cell connect_button_slider connect_button_container connect_widget_like_button clearfix like_button_no_like span liketext connect_confirmation_cell connect_confirmation_cell_no_like connect_widget_text_summary connect_text_wrapper connect_widget_facebook_favicon connect_widget_user_action connect_widget_text hidden_elem strong unlike_span mls connect_widget_unlike_link connect_widget_admin_span connect_widget_admin_option admin connect_widget_insights_span connect_widget_insights_link insights connect_widget_error_span connect_widget_error_text error connect_widget_summary connect_widget_connected_text 611 connect_widget_not_connected_text href campaign landing php campaign_id 137675572948107 amp partner_id placement like_button extra_2 hk target _blank sign up see friends connect widget comment box connect_widget_comment_box connect_widget_comment_box_upward_nub connect_widget_comment_area uigrid cellspacing cellpadding input text inputtext connect_widget_comment_textinput domcontrol_placeholder placeholder share value title label connect_widget_comment_button uibutton uibuttonconfirm u033146_1 submit here extract shares complete test rounded handful random sites delicious re ranked result quite clear showing kind appealing masses reranking strengthsrandom scores extracted normaledbefore aftera bunch latest delicioussame group strengthprevious scrapingrelated †scrapinghaving taken long good look magazine ideas scrap pad empowered searcha piece writing earlier year 1st april still believe tearing aparti’ve checking nominated ipad app network creation story needs devil …they can’t wrap head idea someone build something admob ing “chinese girls” codeupon seeing first ads paper toss realization display
Replicating Flipboard Part III – How Flipboard lays out content
Posted by kenshin03 on Mar 6, 2011 in cassius, mac, mobile, tech | 5 comments
replicating flipboard part iii †lays out content posted kenshin03 mar 2011 cassius mac mobile tech comments facebook button v1 begin http blog bottomlessinc com end shifting focus back ipad app let’s take look processes twitter feeds really employ social signal based ranking here’s sample receive shown browser feedsame group viewed flipboardalright…what deduced few things became obvious same data side articles more less retains original sort time order don’t think there’re clever hidden play here tweets dropped presumably contain links examples likeâ 11 15 17 18 simply conversations sites images seemed given higher display priority typical feed lot complex mixed ranging check ins uploaded lmages likes notifications whatever apps games user added prospect having analyze many different types itself daunting enough alone additional efforts re laying above snapshot news names faces updates blurred worry people feedfacebook flipboardimmediately striked much intriguing findings completely ditched published laid entirely readability attributes text length image size etc quite article places checkin due lack iphone sure wasn’t 13 xxx started messages frankly nothing interesting 20 21 groupon 14 guess prevents showing source once looking well quick again contribute layout verdict nope signals major role 12 19 placements page reply 82 youtube 92 16 34 22 likesfrom such observations suspect conducts workflows roughly compose steps below processing workflow feedslikely feedsinitially found hard accept interpretation templates over basically saying there’s magic merely puts together random collection proceeds filling those next suitable putting suspicion switched emerged largely unchanged set employs centric criteria pages remain screenshots clearly case notice differently render flipboardsecond feedso concludes brief study flipboard’s algorithm point shall start firing up ides getting hands dirty building prototype pretty thrilled amount attention support little project seems garnering thanks please stay tuned previous postrelated related posts ii signalsthe adoption brand new paradigm strength single site scrapinghaving taken long good magazine tearing aparti’ve checking nominated ideas scrap pad empowered searcha piece writing earlier year 1st april still believe goes way nsoperationswhile pulls pics flickr
Tearing Flipboard apart | Cogito ergo sum
Posted by kenshin03 on Jan 8, 2011 in cassius, mac, tech | 0 comments
tearing flipboard apart cogito ergo sum posted kenshin03 jan 2011 cassius mac tech comments facebook button v1 begin http blog bottomlessinc com end image jorgeq82 flickri’ve checking out nominated ipad app 2010 avid user google reader rss recently pulse initially hard see hype magazine style future media seriously two weeks onward became primary reason turning smoothness browsing experience attenuated attention detail here suddenly made routine task feed reading much more enjoyable without repeating what’s good reviews several attributes found particularly intriguing page flipping effect simple immensely effective little single handedly created app’s extent contents themselves didn’t really matter one arguably due transition feels lot real apps zinio blogs chron comspeed it’s easy tell great deal caching taking place behind scenes images site snippets appear time again user’s focus being hijacked slick objects next busily pre rendered ready viewing over impressive trick served dual purpose defining identity well boosting perceived performance users funny enough residing door sequences original resident evil game comes mind fluid grid layout engine arranges content neatly organized grids compose virtual broadsheet newspaper interesting thing attempt choose composition suitable hand instance articles containing landscape placed topmost slot spanning entire breadth screen tweet linking album given full treatment netzkobold flickr readable extracts relevant section corresponding web display gone ads banners distractions unwelcome shown line annoying back forthâ hopping between mobile safari course that’s few features wooed important offers glimpse something parts information around increasingly collected ranked socially upcoming posts attempting build prototype replicates flipboard’s key functionalities open source libraries code think it’ll fun inspiring project help understand better kind technology lies under hood amazing stay tuned extended related
Knapsack problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Example of a one-dimensional (constraint) knapsack problem: which boxes should be chosen to maximize the amount of money while still keeping the overall weight under or equal to 15 kg? A
knapsack problem wikipedia free encyclopedia example one dimensional constraint boxes chosen maximize amount money still keeping overall weight under equal 15 kg multiple constrained consider both volume modeling shapes sizes instead constitute packing solution number each box available three yellow grey shown green rucksack combinatorial optimization given set items value determine count item include collection total less limit large possible derives name faced someone fixed size fill useful arises resource allocation financial constraints similar appears combinatorics complexity theory cryptography applied mathematics decision form question achieved without exceeding edit definitionin following kinds through kind vi wi usually assume values weights nonnegative simplify representation listed increasing order maximum carry bag common formulation restricts xi copies zero mathematically formulated bounded integer unbounded ukp places upper bound particular interest special case properties notice equivalent integers subset add up exactly negative allowed nonempty called sum field term used refer specifically knapsacks better thought bin computational complexitythe interesting perspective computer science becausethe version commonly known karp's 21 np complete problems attempts use basis public key systems such merkle hellman cryptosystem typically group several algorithms later broken produced fact solvable polynomial time theme research literature identify hard instances look viewed another way practice make more amenable worst behaviour suggests freely solve based dynamic programming approach branch hybridizations approaches problemif solved pseudo describes things strictly positive gt wish subject ≤ define attained observe th here empty taken tabulating results gives calculation involves examining calculate running dividing greatest divisor obvious improve contradict unlike length input proportional bits itself problema runs above recursively follows found calculating efficiently table store previous computations therefore run space additionally array current optimal pass over times rewriting same result algorithm discovered 1974 sometimes meet middle due parallels similarly named exponential different preferable dp compared scaling rounding point arithmetic requires fractional digits precision arrive correct answer need scaled require partition two sets approximately sizecompute subsets find best matching combined keep track seen far takes efficient implementations step instance sorting discarding weigh greater binary search match runtime attack improves naive brute force cost constant greedy approximation algorithmgeorge dantzig proposed greedyapproximation 10 sorts decreasing per unit proceeds insert sack starting many first until longer provided unlimited supply fit guaranteed achieve limited dominance relations ukpsolving made easier throwing away never needed suppose appear always potential containing replacing disregard altogether cases dominatei note apply already finding allows significantly reduce types satisfy inequality vector denotes member collective dominancethe collectively dominated written combination formally verifying computationally solving smaller where2 restricted threshold generalization introduced eduk smallest defines contain multiply single during preprocessing detected relatively easily modular dominancelet density modularly plus applicationsknapsack real world making processes wide variety fields wasteful cutting raw materials 11 selection capital investments portfolios 12 assets asset backed securitization 13 generating keys merkle†14 early application construction scoring tests test takers choice questions fairly simple process provide exam contains worth points taker score 100 heterogeneous distribution values†sections amounts points†difficult choices feuerman weiss students 125 asked abilities whose student highest 15 historythe studied century works dating back 1897 16 originated though referred mathematician tobias 1884†1956 citation suggesting existed folklore before mathematical fully defined 17 quadratic gallo hammer simeone 1960 18 1998 study stony brook university repository showed out 75 algorithmic 18th popular 4th kd trees suffix 19 see pisinger 2003 technical report 08 department copenhagen denmark caccetta kulanoot aspects nonlinear analysis 47 2001 5547†5558 abcvincent poirriez nicola yanev rumen andonov 2009 hybrid discrete http dx doi org 1016 disopt 2008 09 004 abrumen vincent sanjay rajopadhye 2000 revisited european journal operational 123 168†181 s0377 2217 99 00265 martello toth implementation john wiley sons 1990 strong bounds manag sci 45 414†424 1999 plateau elkihel methods oper res 49 277†293 1985 mixture 30 765†771 horowitz ellis sahni sartaj computing partitions applications association machinery21 292 1145 321812 321823 mr0354006 george variable extremum operations vol april 1957 pp 266†288 1287 opre 266 kellerer pferschy 2004 449 461 465 472 martin harvey 1973 model management science19 961†966 jstor 2629127 mathews 25 june numbers proceedings london society28 486†490 plms oxfordjournals content s1 28 486 full pdf 1980 studies12 132†149 1007 bfb0120892 www springerlink com x804231403086x51 skiena september interested lessons agm sigact news30 65†74 issn 0163 5700 delivery acm 340000 333627 p65 key1 amp key2 9434996821 coll guide dl cfid 108583297 cftoken 90100478 references external links newpp preprocessor node 7504 1000000 post expand 44521 2048000 bytes template argument 13646 expensive parser function 500 saved cache enwiki pcache idhash 16974 en timestamp 20120312022254
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